We do a lot of “hype” events for each of our shows; we do Bar Goddess Searches, Street Team Promo Events, etc. but my favorite by far is Media Day. This event gives the fighters a chance to talk to some reporters, have pictures taken by photographers and workout with some guys from other gyms. It also gives us a chance to take stare down photos and tape hype videos for the show.  We have always gotten positive feedback about Media Day and it seems to be an event the fighters enjoy as much as we do.

We have held our Media Day at TapouT since we started having them, not only is it a great central location, but a great facility and even better staff. I do want to take a moment and thank TapouT Boston and John for always being such amazing hosts, for allowing us to use the facility and also for supporting Cage Titans. I also need to thank Rich O who always does an amazing job capturing the moments of Media Day and sharing them so quickly.

Yesterday’s Media Day was the first time we have held it on a Sunday, we did this because a lot of fighters had said they train on Saturdays; I would love some feedback to see which day the fighters prefer. We arrived at TapouT began setting up, the beautiful Cage Titans Ring Girls arrived soon after followed by Rich O , the team was there! We were joined by Registered Fighter for the first time in person and even DJ Caucajion our Entertainment Director. Michael was able to shoot a couple hype videos; before getting in the cage and working out with the fighters and Rich O got stare down and individual photos. Registered Fighter was inspired by Joe Pingatore’s moves and had a dance off (Can’t wait to see the video)!

So why is this my favorite “hype” event? Well, if the stuff I’ve already said isn’t enough here is a few more reasons. 1-It’s a relaxed environment, this allows the fighters to roll with other guys and have fun. Most of these guys only see each other the night of the fights , they are full of adrenaline and focused on the battle ahead, no time for socializing, Media Day/Open Workout give ammys the chance to talk with pros they admire and I’ve even seen guys who have fought each other having fun together. 2-Its open to all , we get a chance to meet fans, coaches, parents and managers , also a chance to catch up with some we’ve met before. 3- Its all about the fighters…

I want to personally thank everyone who came out yesterday I hope you enjoyed being there as much as we enjoyed having you. We are always open to feedback so please feel free to let us know how you think we could make Media Day better. Looking forward to seeing you all at the event September 10th. Thanks again for helping Cage Titans host Another Successful Media Day …

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