About Cage Titans

Cage Titans is a premiere Mixed Martial Arts promotion based out of Massachusetts.

We have a team of talented individuals who make each event night happen:


Bio: Michael Polvere founded Cage Titans and oversees all aspects of the company while also serving as the licensed matchmaker and promoter. Prior to Cage Titans Michael had been a lifelong fan of the sport of MMA and in 2007 decided to take up training as a way to get in shape. Walking in to the gym at over 220lbs, Michael lost over 60lbs training and caught on all aspects of MMA fairly quickly which led him to competing in 2009, going 3-0 as an amateur and 1-0 as a pro. On the business end, at that same time, Michael’s day job was an Operations & Marketing Manager for the event facility Lombardo’s so his first behind the scenes look at promoting came in early 2010 when he hosted another promotion’s fight card at his venue. Seeing the ins and outs of that promotion up close, as well as understanding the fighter piece through fighting for others, Michael decided he had a good grasp on what could make a successful promotion. After applying and having his promoters licensed approved through the State of Massachusetts Athletic Commission, Cage Titans was born and on July 30th 2010 held their first event.




Public Relations/Operations
Bio: Brandie Light is in charge of Public Relations and assists in the day to day operations of Cage Titans. The way Brandie got involved is pretty simple as she has been friends with Michael since high school and worked with him in many different capacities since. Within the company Brandie wears many hats and is a point person for many of the local media outlets and coordinates all of the charity events and fundraisers Cage Titans are involved in and work with. In addition, she is known to the fighters/managers for all the work she does in assisting in setting up medical appointments and helping them through the Massachusetts State licensing process.

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