Cage Titans Interviews:

One of my favorite things about local MMA is that success isn’t confined within a promotion, but radiates out and draws the attention of others looking to elevate young stars. It was in this way that two fighters, coming off spectacular wins at Warrior Nation, suddenly find themselves across from each other at Cage Titans; […]

While there is a bell to signal the start of an MMA match and a bell to signal its end, the battles waged in this sport extend well outside those chain links; hours, days and even years into the past. The dedication to the craft, to diet, to gym battles and past losses are all […]

If there’s one constant across combat sports, it’s the utterly unbreakable conviction of professional athletes. With career-defining victory or defeat a single blow to the jaw away, there is a surety of thought that must exist for an athlete to become successful; else wise dissolving their own willpower in tense moments leading from ready room […]

There are many aspects of MMA that appeal to the common man; easily digestible action and the lack of a defined season being chief amongst them, yet its greatest strength as a sport is the unpredictability of it all. A fighter can land a hundred clean strikes and be dealt a loss with a single […]


February 2nd, 2016

Cage Titans kicked off 2016 this past weekend with an amazing event at Plymouth Memorial Hall, recording its 6th sold-out event in a row. The undercard featured many hungry amateurs looking to shine under the bright lights with memorable performances coming from Marty Kelly, Matt Alger, and Sean Murrin as well as an incredible back […]