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There can form within one person a duality; a fracture of identity where such extremes exist that different personalities are required to keep sanity in check. In this way, one personality can divorce itself from the thoughts and actions of its counterpart, like oil and vinegar sharing the same bottle. While this compartmentalization of life […]

For young men and women starting an MMA career, the journey is long and perilous, with that destination of elite-level stardom years and years away for a hopeful few. However, for those older fighters; well removed from their prime and with no grand goal looming on the horizon, the journey itself becomes the destination. In […]

If there’s one constant across combat sports, it’s the utterly unbreakable conviction of professional athletes. With career-defining victory or defeat a single blow to the jaw away, there is a surety of thought that must exist for an athlete to become successful; else wise dissolving their own willpower in tense moments leading from ready room […]

On Saturday, April 9th Plymouth Memorial Hall will play host to Cage Titans XXVIII. In the Main Event, two of the best flyweights in New England face-off when Remo Cardarelli takes on Andy Aiello. These guys fought nearly a year ago at Cage Titans XXIII and it resulted in Aiello silencing the crowd in the […]